What's new at Struga.Org

Date Event
April 2000 Our site was registered.
March 2001 The front page of Struga.Org was placed online.
March 2003 The complete site was finally launched. Congratulations!
August 2004 A lot of new content has been added by now, especially during the summer of 2004. Check it out!
May 2006 In the interim, we have added pages about the social scene in the town, started a few new topics on our forum, and asked for volunteers to join our team. We need help to create individual pages for the restaurants, cafés and clubs in the town.
June 2006 A few more contemporaries have been included in the section about known people from Struga. In addition, we have added a page on Struški Biseri (The Struga Pearls), a popular band from the music past of Struga, in the section on Culture & Art. There are mp3s included in there. Enjoy!
June 2007 In the meantime, we have updated/expanded the Accommodation page with relevant content. We have also included a new page on the site that provides information about the current weather conditions in the town. We hope you will find it useful.