Vlado Maleski (1919-1984)

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      Vlado Maleski was born in Struga in 1919. He belongs to the first generation of novelists in our contemporary literature that were mainly preoccupied with the second world war in their works. His creative opus is not very large, but still it is very important for the contemporary Macedonian literature. His most important works are: the collections "Gurgjina alova" and "Branuvanja" (Ripples), and the novel "Razboj" (The Jenny). He is the author of the scenario for the first Macedonian movie Frosina and also of the song "Denes Nad Makedonija" (Today Above Macedonia) that was proclaimed later as the national anthem of Macedonia.

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Vlado Maleski (Struga, 1919-1984) is a distinguished macedonian narrator and novelist. He is a member of the first generation of contemporary macedonian writers. He was a member of NOB (the resistance movement for national freedom during the WW2). When he was asked how much his biography is connected to his literary work he answered: "Of course the war, the revolution. This period of my life has left a lifelasting mark on me, and that's why, so far, it is the only theme in the prose I have written".

He has published the collections of stories Gurgjina alova and Branuvanje and the novels Ona sto bese nebo, Razboj, Zapisi na Ezerko Drimski, and others. He is believed to have written the macedonian national anthem.