Travel to Struga

      Here, you can find useful information regarding traveling to the region. If you are located in the Balkans, there are in general direct bus lines from every capital city to Skopje. From there one can take a direct bus line to Struga. In addition, there are also bus direct lines from many towns in the Balkans to Struga. Alternatively, if you are located in Europe in general and prefer train transporation, then one can book a train connection to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. The train station and the bus station in Skopje share the same location. Hence, from Skopje one can then take the direct bus line to Struga. There is a partial list of bus lines to/from Struga on the page of the municipality of Struga. You can also see the geographical location of the town within the wider region of southwest Macedonia on this same page. In addition, there are also maps of Europe and Macedonia on the Geography page where the town and the region are denoted.

      Finally, if you are interested in flying to Struga, there is an international airport 7.5 kms east from Struga near the lake shore. There are direct flights to this airport from many major cities throughout Europe, especially during the summer season. Alternatively, one can fly to the Skopje airport, which has a larger frequency of flight throughout the year. Then, from Skopje one can either drive to Struga or take the direct bus line that departs from the Skopje bus station roughly every 3 hours, seven days a week.

      We have prepared below a small list of online resources and contact information for travel agencies that may be helful when organizing your trip to Struga and your vacation there. If you are a travel agent and your information is missing below, or you simply know of a travel resource that is not included here, please let us know. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

In the USA: Ohrid Travel,   Macedonia Travel,   MK Flights.
In Switzerland:  Stef-Anto Agency, Mr. Zoran Trajanoski, phone: +41 32 721 3428, fax: +41 32 721 3423, mobile: +41 79 240 5594.
Ada Travel, Mr. Zoran Blazhevski, mobile: +41 79 209 2565.

      The national portal for tourism Exploring Macedonia and the center for alternative tourism Go Macedonia represent yet another set of useful resources for prospective travelers.