National Costumes and Embroidery

Adopted from the official web site of the Municipality of Struga.

      The national costume of this region is very picturesque and attractive. There are variations of the costumes within each ethnic group, as well as within each sub region. This component of the national culture, contains a dozen of signs that present inter – social relations of the generations within the same ethnic communities. The costumes show age distinction, social position or a specific custom through use of different kinds of shapes, colors and techniques of embroidery, decoration, hairstyle etc.

      For example, Macedonians from the Struga Meadow use the red color and the “white garment”. The orthodox Macedonians from Struga Drimkol, have a specifics feature on the male costume, known as “koporan” and on the female costume the so called “zoban” and the belt. “Zoban” is a kind of sleeveless embroidered jacket, made of cotton, and was not weaved. The belt was made of wool and was long a dozen of meters. The costume of the people to the Islam is much decorated with typical Moslem elements: embroidery, “munistra” and type of sparkling thread “tel” in different colors. Tourists can often see remains of national costumes on market days in Struga. Every year a traditional festival of folk costumes is held in Struga.