Musical past of Struga

Adopted from the official web site of the Municipality of Struga.

      The facts enumerated in this summary, although scanty, are sufficient to convince us that Struga has been rich and interesting in the field of music. In that land appeared the founder of Macedonian musical culture Naum Miladinov who was first to write textbook on singing with music notes, first to found a school of musical theory and first to begin to study melography. Likewise, the very fruitful composer of church music Krstan Sandyak (Kalistrat) has his origins from Struga. His compositions have been used in church services and were printed in Sveta Gora (The Holy Mountain or Athos in Greece). Of no lesser significance to musical culture are Struga's music folklore, the tradition of church music, the amateurism of music and some concerts of music, as for example the opera production that the members of the Paris Opera presented in 1912 at Struga.