The building of the Public Museum and the bureau for protection of cultural monuments.

      The public (people's) museum in Struga was established in 1928 with the opening of the department for nature and science and the constant zoological exhibition featuring initially the private fauna collection of Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski. This was later to become known as the Museum of Natural History. Since 1961 a department for history and archeology was opened within the museum. In 1974 an art gallery in the honour of the painter Vangel Kodzoman carrying his name was established as part of the museum with a permanent exhibition named ôStruga in the past" featuring many of his works. The rich archaeological findings from the region are kept in the Public Museum in Struga. In the archaeological collection there are objects from the prehistoric times, from the ancient times and from the middle century. The most in number are the objects from the Neolith period since the town itself, its vicinity and the lake are rich in settlements from the Neolitic period, which is a proof of the continuity of the town through the centuries. This museum through its activities makes explorations in archeology, history, ethnology, zoology and botanics. The museum constantly collects materials from these fields and preserves them. In addition, the museum organizes thematic exhibitions from all fields including art exhibitions in its gallery for artists from Macedonia and other countries.

Visitor Info:
Working hours: 08.00-19.00
Address: Public Museum, Bore Hadzieski 69
Phone: 046 / 786-644; 046 / 781-779
Fax: 046 / 781-779

       In the Natural and Scientific Museum, which was founded in 1928 by the Russian doctor Nikola Nezlobinski and which bears his name, there are lot of samples of birds, fish, insects and other samples of fauna from the regions of Struga, Ohrid and Prespa. There are also many specimens of already extinct species.

A model of the daljani, from the Museum of Natural History.

Another model of the daljani, from the Museum of Natural History.

Fauna specimens from the museum

A pelikan

A bear

Visitor info: Natural History Museum "Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski", Kej 8-mi Noemvri 63, Struga 6330.