An aerial morning view from North displays the town in its full splendour

      There is a saying that for a prosperous and long lived city, a near by water source is the most important prerequisite. Most of the cities in antiqity were located either along a river flow, or on the coast of a lake or a sea. Many of the modern cities today, still carry the same signature.

      Struga has both, which makes her a member of a small and privileged group of places in the world, blessed with such a gift. Located on the coast of the magnificient and eternal Lake Ohrid and along the banks of the Black Drim river, which flows right out of the lake splitting the city in two halves, makes Struga a truly unique city in the whole of Balkans. A real pearl of the Balkan peninsula.

      Through the site we would like to present this remarkable city to the world community. Struga has been found by many to be truly an adorable place, one that people fall in love with at the first sight. A city of poetry, culture, history and a long tradition. We hope that the site will provide and maintain a link to the ancient city of Struga for everyone in the world who feels related in any way to this jewel of southwestern Macedonia.

      Let your experience of Struga begin and please let us know about it. Feel also free to write to us, if you think the site can be improved in any way or you simply have comments or questions. We would love to hear from you. After all, this site belongs to all of us, Struga lovers. Your feedback and cooperation is appreciated.

From the development team