Going out in Struga

      There are numerous clubs, cafés and restaurants in the town where one can go out to socialize, eat and drink. The cafés and the restaurants are generally open seven days a week. Many of them, especially the cafés, open early in the morning between 7am and 9am. Their closing time is usually midnight, while during the weekends and the summer season, they close later, between 1am and 2am past midnight. The clubs are typically open on Friday and Saturday nights, though during the summer season they are open on a daily basis. Their hours of operation are usually 9pm - 3am.


        Adagio           Admiral           Charlie           Glamour Café
        Cinema           Kalabalak           Leone           Paladium
        Palermo           Turist


        Oaza (Oasis)           Glamour


        Alexander           Angela           Klimetitsa - Macedonian House
        Saint Nikola           Ženeva (Geneva)           T'ga za Jug
        Bread & Wine