Folk dancing group Ilinden

Adopted from the official web site of the Municipality of Struga.

      The folk dancing group "Ilinden" from Struga, in the 22 years of its existance, is an ambassador and a presenter of the Macedonian folklore in Macedonia and all over Europe, and is a kind of a "moving museum" of the Macedonian folklore treasure, which represents the identity and the history of the Macedonian people.

      The folk dancing group "Ilinden" was founded in 1979 in order to collect and care about the Macedonian folklore treasure: the dances, the songs, the instruments, the rich and original folk costumes, and to present it all around the country and abroad through concerts, festivals and other cultural performances.

      For 22 years our folk group, thanks to the highly artistic presentation of the successful choreographies of dancing, songs and beautiful folk costumes that are made decades ago, is winning the hearts of the audience. The folk dancing group "Ilinden" took part in more than 1000 concerts, festivals and other cultural performances, with over 3 million visitors. The success of this group can be measured with the number of rewards and certificates, which are won on many occasions.

      The youth studio is formed as part of this folk group in order to teach the children and young people to love and treasure our folklore. Many young people are learning folk dancing in this studio, and later they become excellent folk dancers themselves.

Our contact address is: KUD "Ilinden", Dom na kultura "Brakja Miladinovci", 6330 Struga, Macedonia.
Phone/Fax: (+ 368 46) 786 636.

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