The Black Drim river (Crn Drim)

      Is there something more beautiful and more majestic of the flow of Crn Drim out of the lake? That natural phenomenon which obsesses and ennobles the soul with the best feelings. The river flows gently through the town, as it does not want to disturb the visitors walking along its banks, thrilled by its crystal clear waters. In the evening when many lights are turned on, the river has even a better view by the reflection of light from its waters. On its way to the Adriatic Sea the Drim forms two man made lakes Globochitsa and Shpilye which are surrounded by magnificent landscapes.

The quay of the river.

      The Crn Drim flows out of Lake Ohrid at Struga at 695 m altitude above sea level, and leaves the country near the town of Debar at 476 m above sea level. Crn Drim is 56 km long. However, the river has an ordinary flow only for less than a half of its length and that is from Struga up to the village of Tashmarunishta. Leaving the village the river enters a gorge and right after that it creates a lake due to the 82 m tall dam located 10 km to the north at the other end of the lake. The dam forms the accumulation Globochitsa filled up by the Crn Drim.

      Right after the hydroelectric power plant Globochitsa the waters of Crn Drim again create another lake with the help of a 102 m tall dam near the town of Debar. This lake is the richest in water of all man made lakes in the country. It accumulates 520 millions m3 of water. From this lake the water is lead through tunnels into the hydroelectric power plant Shpilye. In the waters of Crni Drim live minnow, carp, eel, mrena, and other fishes. The waters of Crni Drim are used to their maximum and present a hydro energetic potential of the Republic of Macedonia. The two hydro electric power plants produce 580 kwh of electric energy per year.

      The river Crn Drim with its gorge and the two artificial lakes along its flow becomes increasingly a significant recreational place not only for sport fishermen but also for those who want to enjoy in the beauty of the river.