The basilica in Radolishta

      The examinations of this basilica, which is about 1 km west of Struga, have started during 1951, but until the present times, the excavations have not been completed. According to the shape of this church, it is a three-nave construction, with an apse to the east. By its architectural conception, it is similar to the basilica in Studenchishta. The floors of the narthex and the central nave are covered with mosaics, the decoration is replenished with stylized four-leafs, with double plaits on the edges, with round medallions made of double plaits, and in the medallions there are stylized trees with various fruits and animals. The gaps between the circular fields are filled with the motive of the Solomon knot. The area between the eastern and northern pilasters in the narthex is lavish with the illustrations of fish scales.

      The central nave at the naos is decorated with one part carpet, formed by fields with poly-angular and circular shape. In the fields there are depictions of fish, eel, crabs and birds. This basilica is dated around the 5th century.