Municipality of Struga

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Postal address: Municipality of Struga, "Marsal Tito" bb, 6330 Struga, Macedonia.
Phone: (+389 46) 781 335, (+389 46) 781 223.
Fax: (+389 46) 781 434, (+389 46) 782 512, (+389 46) 781 680.

General Information

Territory: 136 km2.
Population: 35,509 citizens.
Settlements: Struga, Gorna Belica, Oktisi, Draslajca, Bidzevo, Lozhani, Moroishta, Dolna Belica, Vranishta, Radolishta, Mali Vlaj, Zagrachani, Frangovo, Sum, Vishni, Misleshevo, Kalishta and Radozhda. (18 in total)
Agricultural areas: 12,752 Ha.
Communal infrastructure: All settlements have waterworks, asphalt roads and electric power. The main drainage network is built and the secondary network is under construction.


The Ohrid Valley lies in the extreme southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. Situated between high mountains it occupies an area of 103 407 hectares. The valley basin lies 695 meters above sea level. The water mass of Lake Ohrid, the area of which is 348 km2, occupies the southern part.

The town of Struga is located on the north shore of Lake Ohrid. The Crn Drim River flows through the heart of the city after it journeys from the springs near St. Naum through Lake Ohrid.


Bus station: (++ 389 46) 780 770.

Bus lines: Departures

International lines
Struga - Skopje - Belgrade 17.30
Struga - Sofia 18.30 every friday
Struga - Istanbul 12.00

Domestic lines
Struga - Kicevo - Skopje 06.00; 08.30; 10.30; 12.00; 14.00; 16.00; 17.30
Struga - Mavrovo - Skopje 05.00; 05.45
Struga - Bitola - Skopje 07.00
Struga - Bitola 07.00; 10.00
Struga - Debar 05.45; 08.00; 10.00; 11.30; 13.00; 14.30; 17.30
Struga - Ohrid from 05.00 until 22.00 every 15 minutes

Seasonal lines
Struga - Strumica 17.15
Struga - Stip 15.00
Struga - Veles 16.00
Struga - Prilep 16.30

Local lines
Struga - Vevcani from 05.00 until 20.00 every hour
Struga - Labunista from 05.00 until 20.00 every 1/2 hour
Struga - Del. Korosista from 06.00 until 20.00 every 1/2 hour
Struga - Oktisi from 05.00 until 20.00 every 1/2 hour
Struga - Nerezi 05.00, 15.30
Struga - Radozda 06.15; 09.00; 13.00; 15.00; 19.00


The climate in Struga is temperate - continental, and it's determined by the complex relief structure depending on the height above the sea level, as well as by the penetration of the climate effects of the Adriatic Sea from the west, all the way through the river Crn Drim and the climate effects of the Ohrid Lake, functioning as climate modifications.

The average temperature in Struga is 10,7 C (Celsius degrees). The warmest months in the year are July, with average temperature about 20,6 C and August, with average temperature about 20,1 C.

The average number of summer days range from 73 to 78 days a year. The number of sunny hours ranges from 2200 to 2630 hours. In the town the average quantity of rainfall ranges between 700 and 800 mm, which makes a positive impact on the rich flora in the region.

The relatively low atmospheric pressure, the great number of sunny days, the air circulation, as well as mild changes of temperature during the year have beneficial influence on human helth, and thus result in the development of health tourism in Struga.

Calendar of events

Event Description Place Date
Carnival Orthodox celebration of the New Year's Eve Vevchani 13-14 January (Vasilitsa)
Epiphany (throwing a cross into the river Crn Drim) Orthodox celebration Struga 19 January (Voditsi)
Celebration in the church of St.George Orthodox celebration Struga 6-7 May (Gjurgjovden)
Gotse's Days Folklore festival in honor of Gotse Delchev Podgorci Beginning of May
Balkan Folklore Festival Traditional folk songs and dances performed by groups from the Balkan countries Ohrid 5-10 July
Ohrid Summer Festival Classical concerts and plays performed by national and international artists Ohrid 12 July - 20 August
Central celebration of Ilinden Celebration of a historical event Tashmarunishta 2 August (Ilinden)
Ilinden Regatta Sailing/Rowing/Kayak contest Struga or Ohrid 2 August (Ilinden)
Traditional Costumes Exibition Folklore festival Struga Beginning of August
Handball tournament International handball tournament Struga Middle of August
Ohrid Troubadours International song festival Ohrid Middle of August
Ohrid Swimming Marathon International swimming marathon (30km) From the monastery of St.Naum to Ohrid End of August
Struga Poetry Evenings International poetry festival Struga End of August
Fair Orthodox celebration Kalishta 21 September
Struga Music Autumn Symposiums and concerts of Byzantine music and music pedagogy Struga Second half of September